This page shows samples of some of the mineral specimens from Alaska, Yukon and Northern British Columbia.

If you are interested in seeing my current inventory of Alaskan minerals
please email me and I will send you digital photos.

amethyst crystal
skagway & northway junction, alaska

hexagonaria fossil coral
prince of wales island, alaska

old crow, yukon teritory

rutilated quartz
brooks range, alaska

nephrite jade
british columbia

carnelian agate
nowitna river, alaska

garnet in mica shist
wrangell, alaska

calcite crystal
kuiu island, alaska

northway junction, alaska

microcline feldspar
skagway, alaska

quartz crystal
kuiu island, alaska

drusy quartz on batroidal agate
kuiu island, alaska

quartz cluster
skagway, alaska

kuiu island, alaska

tungston ore
yukon territory

quartz clusters
skagway, alaska

drusy quartz & calcite on quartz fingers
rocky pass, alaska

epidot & quartz from the green monster mine
prince of wales, alaska