This page shows samples of some of the Alaskan Native artifacts that I carry.
I sell individual artifacts and collections similar to those shown below.
I carry many types of artifacts, including harpoon heads, awls, net weights, sled runners,
ice axes, wooden bowls, whalebone armor, boat hooks, bola ends, slate blades, and many more.

These artifacts come primarily from St. Lawrence Island in Northern Alaska. This island is
owned by the Native culture, and has been inhabited for approximately 10,000 years. The contemporary
natives dig the artifacts out of the bone-yards (rubish heaps) of the ancient village sites where they
are preserved in the permafrost earth.

If you are interested in seeing my current inventory of Alaskan Native artifacts
please email me and I will send you digital photos.

artifact collection

knife / scraper

harpoon head

net weight

ice axe

harpoon head & awl collection