Lovebirds and Spirits"Lovebirds and Spirits"

Rare Blue Grat Fossil Walrus Ivory. Base is ebony, Mammoth Ivory and Desert Ironwood

Height: 11"

Spirit Being"Spirit Being"

Rare Blue Black and Multi-Colored Fossil Walrus Ivory base is African Blackwood

Height: 17"

Raptor Blade"Raptor Blade"

Fossil Walrus Tusk, Vera Wood,
Brass, 440 Stainless Steel

Height: 13"


This is the last blade that I have completed in many years. I focus on creating a harmony between blade shape, handle sculpture, and base to deliver a true complete presentation.

Fossil Walrus Tusk, Lacewood

Height: 16 3/4"


Ancient Spirits"Ancient Spirits"

Wooly Mammoth Tusk, Fossil Walrus Tooth, Dogwood, Teak, Carnelian Agate, Picture Jasper

Height: 18"

She Who Dreams"She Who Dreams"


Height: 11"


Primal Isis"Primal Isis"

Wooly Mammoth Tusk, Lapis,
Goat Horn, Osage Orange, Sedua

Height: 27"