Artwork is about personal connection. I started my own gallery so that I could be more closely involved with the people who felt a connection to my work. When you take a piece of my work home with you, you complete its story. Part of the joy of my work is seeing the excitement, the connection, the love that it brings to others.

In this spirit of personal connection, my website does not include the type of faceless point-and-order shopping that is common on the internet today. Instead, I invite you to email me or to call my gallery if you are interested in my work and would like to see and learn more, or to make a purchase. I am a very prolific carver, and so my inventory changes constantly; my website could never keep up with my passion for my work. Emails allow me to send digital photographs of the pieces that I have available at any time.

I love to meet the people who enjoy my work, and I believe the value of each piece increases with the personal narrative created when I can connect with you. So email me, and become part of the story of my work