Other Artists

As an artist and gallery owner I believe strongly in supporting other artists. In addition to my work, my gallery represents approximately 20 other artists; their work provides greater variety for my customers and helps to compliment my own. While their styles and mediums vary, they all have two things in common. First, they display extraordinary talent and passion for their work. Second, and perhaps most importantly, they are all real people. A Gathering of Spirits carries no mass-manufactured or mass-produced work of any kind.

The other artists who display work in my gallery include painters, ivory sculptors, Alaskan Native carvers, soapstone carvers, serigraph printers, wood block engravers, jewelry designers, wood workers, and photographers. Most are local to Alaska or the Yukon, with a few from other parts of North America. I am fortunate to know most of the artists that I work with personally.

If you are interested in knowing more about the other artists who are currently displaying their work in A Gathering of Spirits, please email me. Please note: because my physical gallery is open seasonally I am able to supply and ship work from other artists only during the summer (May through September).