Semi-Precious Stones, Gems & Minerals

I have been a fanatic rock-hound for as long as I can remember. I spend much of my free time, no matter where I am, hunting crystals, agates, petrified wood, jasper, fossils, and any other stones that I can get my hands on. The mineral world fascinates me because it is, quite literally, endless; though I have been deeply involved in the lapidary world for over 30 years, not a year goes by that I do not hear of a gem or mineral that is completely new to me. Though I have worked with precious gemstones throughout my life, my main focus is on the world of semi-precious stones: crystals, agates, jaspers and fossils. To me the variety and diversity found in the world of semi-precious gems is far more intriguing than the more well-known and promoted gemstones, and I am glad that these materials are gaining recognition and acclaim in the mineralogical world. I incorporate semi-precious stones into some of my sculptures, create stone pendants and vessels, and sell raw specimens to share the beauty of these amazing materials with the world.